Honor Society

Moves & Motions is proud to announce we are officially the local chapter for NDEO.  NDEO is a national dance honor society for middle, high school, and college/university students which recognizes outstanding academic and artistic achievement, including performance, production, scholarship, technology and community service.Student Membership Eligibility Requirements

Criteria for membership selection requires that students:

  • have and maintain a B (3.0) average
  • be actively involved in dance activities
  • earn 30 points toward induction as a full member
  • attend Nu Delta Alpha meetings and activities

 Induction eligibility, by earning 30 points, may include but is not limited to:

  • participation in an accredited dance class at the host institution, participation in afterschool dance class, local private dance studio, community center, club, or other dance  training
  • a dance for health project or other fundraising event
  • participation in dance performances
  • attending live dance concerts
  • choreography, set/lighting design, or costuming
  • community service in a dance related capacity (one required each year)
  • publication of an article in the Nu Delta Alpha Journal
  • elective activities approved by the Nu Delta Alpha Advisor


  • Recognizes scholarly achievements
  • Encourages choreographic endeavors
  • Allows for networking with other  members
  • Provides contact opportunities with dance professionals
  • Provides credentials that may assist with future employment
  • Increases venues for performances or choreographic projects and opportunities to showcase students’ works
  • Allows college students to mentor and hone teaching skills – experience that can be listed as Community Service or Leadership experience on a resume that will strengthen their marketability upon graduation

If you would like to become a pledge, please email info@movesandmotionsdance.com